Dear Yearly Member,

The Covid situation in the greater metropolitan area (HUS) is unfortunately not getting any better and it looks like we’ll be under these exceptional circumstances for the foreseeable future. It is also entirely possible that we will have to shut completely. The time period from 1.3. to 21.3. will be automatically added to your yearly membership contract. Beginning next Monday, we will be temporarily suspending all yearly memberships, and no new invoices will be sent until the situation is back to normal, or we can offer climbing without pre-booking.

All yearly members will receive time-added onto their memberships for this time period and for the previously mentioned three weeks. If your membership was going to be valid for less than this total time, then the appropriate number of days will be added from 1.3. to when your membership expires or expired.

As a yearly member, you will be able to climb for a reduced single ticket rate during your bookings. A Ticket will cost 10 € for bouldering and climbing. You can purchase a ticket from the front desk at the beginning of your booked slot. We would like to remind everyone that the terms and conditions of booking pre-reserved slots still apply: you can book a maximum of one slot per day and a total of 2 slots per week. We are keeping an eye on bookings, and if the calendars don’t fill up as they do now, we’ll look to relax the booking rules.

These changes will take effect next Monday, unless the Regional State Administrative Agency uses the change in the law to close down us and other facilities in the greater Helsinki area. Next week’s calendar will be open for reservations latest on Thursday tomorrow.

We are very sorry for this situation.

If you have any questions about your agreement or any questions about membership in general, please don’t hesitate to contact

Wishing you some lovely spring climbing!

The Kiipeilyareena Team