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Beginner Course in Bouldering

Bouldering is very challenging but still so easy to climb on relatively low walls, without safety harnesses. The Bouldering Beginners Course will guide you through tips, as well as getting started with safe practice on your own.
The minimum age to attend the course is 12 years. You can ask us about English teaching by email.

Content of the course:

short Specifications (incl. accessories)
common warming up methods
the basics of safe bouldering
basic climbing techniques and vocabulary
guided bouldering with the guidance of an experienced coach
duration 2.5h
you can buy one 10 x Boulder Climbing Series card at a discounted price of € 75 (includes loan shoes, € 53 off!)
Price: 75 € / person
There is no student discount on the bouldering beginner course

Jos maksat kurssin mm. liikuntaseteleillä paikan päällä, rekisteröidy etukäteen oikeanpuoleisesta painikkeesta. Tämän jälkeen voit ilmoittautua haluamallesi kurssille sähköpostilla.