Kiipeilyareena - The climbing venues in Salmisaari,
Ristikko, Kalasatama and Tammisto!

Bouldering is the simplest form of climbing

Bouldering means climbing at relatively low height and without the use of securing devices such as harnesses and ropes. There are soft mattresses for falling under the climbing wall. Bouldering allows climbing even without a partner and it is very easy to get started. All you need is climbing shoes, which you can also rent out on site. Climbing routes in bouldering are short. In addition to skill and body control, the sport especially considers the maximum strength of the climber. Despite this, you can start bouldering without climbing the hard climbs by climbing your own boulders. In Finland, bouldering is especially popular on rock formations. There are countless suitable boulders and shallow cliffs in our country. Finland also has some of the absolute boulder climbers in the world.



In bouldering, the only climbing equipment is only the climbing shoes and chalk used to sweat the hands.
Chalk is available on the house in numerous bins along the hall and climbing shoes can be rented on site if needed.
For the enthusiast, his or her own climbing shoes are an important purchase and the shoes are also sold at the Climbing Arena. Normal exercise clothing such as sweatpants or sweatshirts are suitable for sportswear.

Difficulty Levels

In the climbing arena, we use a clearly colored coded difficulty scale where the color of the climbing clips indicates the difficulty level of the climbing route. You will find challenges for everyone, from ladder-like boulders to single-handed jaw-dropping “problems”. The solution to the problems is always you, and as your skills develop, hunger to climb harder boulders easily grows. The best way to get to know the species is to go climbing Kalasatama or Tammisto. The aforementioned halls specialize exclusively in boulder climbing. You will also find a separate bouldering climbing area in Salmisaari.

Bouldering with kids?

Bouldering is suitable for school-age children. If you are planning only bouldering with children, the Kalasatama and Tammisto bouldering halls are the best option. Both halls have reasonably easy climbing paths, even though there is no separate ‘children’s climbing wall’.

For children under school age, we recommend climbing in Salmisaari with self-restraint devices, harnesses. Exceptionally, the Salmisaari bouldering area is only for those over the age of 12. There is a small bouldering wall for younger children in Salmisaari that is open occasionally.