Climbing arena course offering and coaching

You can go to the climbing wall anytime, without any previous experience in the sport. If you are looking for tips for developing climbing techniques or want to learn how to use climbing equipment with high climbing walls, you can increase your skills with one-night courses. Choose one of the courses below that suits you best and sign up today. We also offer individual, holistic coaching to improve your climbing level. The junior hobby groups at the Climbing Arena are the responsibility of the Climbing Athletes Association and you can inquire about the groups directly with the club’s manager.

Bouldering Basic Course (Kalasatama)

Learn the best tips for better climbing techniques in a 2.5 hour course.
The course is suitable for all beginners in climbing / bouldering. The course also includes an offer a 10 visit bouldering card.

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Wall Climbing Basic Course (Salmisaari)

During the course you will learn how to use basic climbing gear, secure another climber, and tie yourself securely. In addition to the 3-hour course,, the price includes a monthly card with loan equipment.

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Wall Climbing Lead Course (Salmisaari)

Advanced course for enthusiasts who already have beginners’ skills and experience in rope climbing. The course teaches you how to work as a pair, as both a security guard and a leader. In addition to the 4.5-hour course, the price includes a monthly card with loan equipment.

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Coaching (Salmisaari)

In-person coaching gives you comprehensive, tailored guidance to help you achieve your goals. Our coaching team includes skilled coaches for climbing and versatile coaching.

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