Kiipeilyareena - The climbing venues in Salmisaari,
Kalasatama and Tammisto!

Training for climbing

Active climbing also requires good physical condition. With the help of various exercises you can maintain and improve your muscle balance and movement, or do some kind of exercise to increase your strength.

The annual members have extensive training facilities in Salmisaari and Tammisto

The members of Salmisaari and Tammisto have a good and comprehensive gym, which has the most important gym equipment, such as pulses, weights, treadmill, exercise bike and a wide range of exercise equipment. You can also practice bouldering in the annual membership areas. On a “woody wall” or work out on a “campus board” or on different boarding boards.

Kalasatama is open to all clients

There is also a small gym open to everyone in Kalasatama where you can do some extra workouts and stretching while climbing. The Kalasatama gym includes a one-time fee or a serial fee.

Coaching Services

Climbing arena coaching services also include, as an integral part of the climbing exercise, ancillary training in addition to the actual climbing training. If you are in need of guided workouts, such as developing climbing techniques, mobility or physics under the guidance of a skilled coach, check out our coaching services and contact us.