Kiipeilyareena - The climbing venues in Salmisaari,
Kalasatama and Tammisto!

Are you looking for a new direction, ideas or a plan to keep your climbing progressing? Would you like to fine tune your technique or learn how to best reinforce your climbing through supportive training? Would you like help in peaking for that future climbing trip or project? Our coaching team is here to help you find just the right tools to get you to your goals!

Kiipeilyareena Coaching offers tailored, individual coaching services. Aki Pakarinen, Kuutti Huhtikorpi, Veera Turkki and Maria Skyttä have combined their areas of speciality and formed a tough-as-nails, five person coaching team. We will take into account each athlete’s specific needs and starting points when designing the path to their progress.

Coaching is available for both individuals and pairs, with packages starting from 5 hours. Kiipeilyareena yearly and KURY members benefit from a 10% discount on list prices.

Example pricing:

  • 5x individual 365 €
  • 10x individual 670 €
  • 5x pair 465 €
  • 10x pair 850 €

For more information, please contact our head coach, Aki Pakarinen.