Kiipeilyareena - The climbing venues in Salmisaari,
Kalasatama and Tammisto!

Before you come

First time on a climbing wall, or have you randomly tried a sport?

You can always arrive without an appointment. You will receive initial guidance and the necessary rental equipment from our staff.

To Salmisaari, Kalasatama or Tammisto?

On Salmisaari you will find both high climbing walls and a lower bouldering area. Kalasatama and Tammisto are climbing halls exclusively for bouldering and provide the best setting for bouldering.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering means climbing lower climbing walls on mattresses without harness. Bouldering succeeds without any previous experience and the best beginner routes can be found in Kalasatama and Tammisto.

Climbing high walls?

Only in Salmisaari is the climbing harness high. Beginners without previous experience can climb the so-called. auto-belay devices that we’ll guide you through. Rope climbing on numerous other climbing trails can be successful if, for example, your friend has a belay certification. You can climb with a belay certification as he secures you on the rope. If you also want to learn the rope skills yourself, you can take the one-night beginner course if needed.

Climbing enthusiast and safety test (Salmisaari)

Before climbing with rope safety, we check that you have the required skills. There is no need to book for the test, but you can pass the skills test at any time. During peak hours, it is good to be prepared for a short wait to climb. We will issue a belay certification card to those who pass the test.

The backup card costs € 13 and you can redeem it for another visit if you wish. For non-residents, we check for the appropriate skills, but you do not necessarily need to redeem your security card.

As a cardholder, you can also secure beginners with the top rope, so they don’t have to have a backup card for this.

Take contact! We’ll be happy to tell you more about climbing and answer your questions.


Children (4-6 years):

  • Climbing with self-restraint equipment, rope securing, or bouldering for children under adult supervision (Salmisaari only)
  • Bouldering only with the permission of the staff, accompanied by a climbing adult.

Children of school age (7-13 years):

  • Climbing Salmisaari with self-locking equipment or rope locking under adult supervision
  • Parenting / Parenting Bouldering (Salmisaari Bouldering Area K12 Note)

Children and adolescents aged 14 and over:

  • Climbing without the presence of a parent or adult supervisor
  • Ability to execute a backup card
  • Minors must have parental / guardian consent for independent climbing.

Welcome to Kiipeilyareena!