First time on a climbing wall or have tried it occasionally? 

You can always arrive without reserving a time slot. You will receive the beginning briefing and needed rental gear from the staff.

Salmisaari, Kalasatama or Tammisto?

In Salmisaari you can find both higher climbing walls and a lower bouldering area. Kalasatama and Tammisto are specifically bouldering specialized climbing gyms and offer the best framework for bouldering.


Bouldering means climbing on lower walls above mattresses, without a harness. Bouldering is achieved without earlier experience and the best beginner routes can be found in Kalasatama and Tammisto.

Beginners climbing on high walls (Salmisaari)

Only in Salmisaari we offer climbing on high walls. Beginners with no earlier experience can climb up to 14 meter high walls by using the so called “auto belay devices”. Our staff will give you a free of charge safety briefing to get started. Climbing on rope offers you more potential routes to climb and is possible if one of your friends have the national belaying card. You can climb with a belaying card holder’s company by them belaying you with a top rope. If you want to learn the basic rope skills yourself, you can attend a one evening beginners course.

Climbers and belaying tests (Salmisaari)

Before climbing and belaying we check with a belaying test that you have the needed skills under control. The test does not have to be booked beforehand so you can complete it whenever. During rush hours it is good to be prepared to have to wait a while before getting to climb. We grant the national belaying card to all who have passed the test.

The belaying cards price is 13€ and you can redeem it during your second visit also. Abroad living climbers are also checked for appropriate skills, but it is not necessary to redeem the belaying card.