Top rope course

The best way to get your climbing hobby started is to take part in an evening’s Top rope course, during which you will learn the required basics for safe climbing and belaying. A structured, safe first step is of utmost importance for climbing safely, as the skills learned during the course will stay with you for years. During the course, you will learn how to belay a climber with different belay devices and how to safely tie-in to the rope, among other safety management skills.

The course also includes a monthly card with free rental gear. It is crucial to gain more climbing experience after the course. Therefore the monthly card starts right from the day of the course, and in order to take advantage of the card, it is best to schedule the course for the month period that best suits you. For annual members, we add one month extra to the annual card.

You can participate alone, but eventually you´ll need a partner to climb with (who has the same rope skills).

The age limit for participation is 14 years. The general teaching language is Finnish. We are prepared to teach individual participants in English in Salmisaari.

The course in includes:

  • 3 hours of teaching in a group
  • National top rope card
  • One month card (incl rental gear)


  • 119 € /person
  • 99 € for students and under 18 year-olds

Do you want to pay for your course in person using, for example, your sport benefits? Are you entitled to the student discount, which is not available in our web shop? You can sign up for the course of your choice by email, but please make sure you have registered Kiipeilyareena account. You can create a new account by clicking the “create account´” button.