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Lead course

Climbing brings a lot of new dimensions to the climbing hobby, but it also places great demands on the skills of the climbing couple. Leadership is an advanced course for enthusiasts who already have some beginner skills and experience in high rope climbing. During the course you will learn how to work with a couple, both as a security guard and a leader. Leadership also provides skills for rock climbing with drill hooks. “Racing routes”.

The course also includes a monthly card with loan facilities. The benefit is to get the skills learned as soon as possible after the course night. The monthly card starts right from the day of the course, and in order to take advantage of the course, it is best to schedule the course for the month period that best suits you. For annual members, we add one month extra to the annual card.

The age limit for participation is 14 years. You can ask us about English language teaching by email.

The course includes:

4.5 hours teaching group
national lead card
one month loaded climbing time (incl loan line)


price 118 € / person
There is no student discount on the lead course

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